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We are looking for volunteers to represent the Canadian Horse in the Breed Demo at the Horse Expo 2024!


The plan for the demo is to have a very simple drill team number followed by some individual performances to showcase the versatility of the Canadian breed. A video of the drill team number will be emailed at least one month prior to the event. The Breed Demo will take place at an indoor arena and rehearsal will take place in the outdoor arena at Westerner Park. The cost of stalling will be covered by CHARMD. 


The Horse Expo is a very well attended event and offers an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our Canadian Breed. It is our goal to put together a well organized demonstration featuring a variety of disciplines that showcases the Canadian Horse’s versatility and talent.

These applications will be reviewed by the board for suitability (ie age, gender, level of training, etc.) to ensure we have the absolute best representation of the breed possible. Owners of demo horses must be a current member of both CHARMD and the Canadian Horse Breeders Association. Those who meet the criteria will be contacted directly.

Our apologies that we simply can't accommodate everyone.
Demo Horse App
Demo Horse Application
Current Membership:
Horse's Experience and Training

There will be a demonstration each day of the Horse Expo (Friday-Sunday); times for these demo’s are typically determined a week or two before the expo.


The Drill Team number will run all three days.


For an Individual Demonstration PLEASE INDICATE here which day(s) you are willing to commit to:

Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

For further information or questions please contact:

Corinne (text/call) 1-780-292-6647 •

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