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What's so special about the Canadian Horse?

Here are just a few things about the Canadian Horse that we think you will agree, make it a remarkable animal...

Strength - Did you know that pound for pound, Canadian Horses can pull more weight than any other breed?

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Intelligence - Being very intelligent creatures (some owners even claim their horses have a sense of humor!) they are quick learners and remember their lessons long after training has stopped.

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Temperament - Despite their occasionally imposing size and strength, they truly are gentle giants. Their relaxed demeanor and calm nature make them virtually bombproof, which has resulted in them finding some interesting new jobs, including mounted police and equine therapy for veterans!

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Versatility - Canadian Horses can be found participating in (and often excelling at) virtually every equine activity you could imagine. From Dressage to Barrel Racing, from trail riding to Working equitation, from Competitive driving to Eventing! When it comes to Canadian Horses, there really is a flavor for every appetite!

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Hardiness - True to the heritage that saw their ancestors through colonial Canadian winters, the breed thrives in the cold weather. They grow a heavy winter coat and often prefer to live outside year round without blanketing.

Endurance - Not only does the Canadian Horse have remarkable strength, but they can keep up their pace for extended periods of time. In fact the drive to work is so ingrained in them, that they are happier with a job to do and often get bored if left without one.

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Loyalty - It might take the Canadian a little bit longer to give you their trust than the average horse. But when they do, they are fiercely loyal and form exceptionally strong bonds with their owners.

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Easy Keepers - Canadians are the epitome of easy keepers. Unless being worked hard, they require no grain and very little grass. In fact many Canadian owners often complain that they have to limit their horse's grazing because they can get fat on the smell of grass!

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Hooves - There is an old horseman's saying "If you've got no feet, you've got no horse", lamenting the vulnerability of a horse's hooves. This is not a problem with Canadians! They have large, solid feet (reminiscent of a draft cross) that are so tough and durable, that most Canadians are left unshod unless their job requires shoeing and there is a growing trend among Canadian Horse owners of opting for removable boots rather than shoeing

Borealis hoof_edited.jpg

As if these weren't enough reasons to adore this breed, there's one more! The Canadian Horse is also known for it's longevity, with an average lifespan is 25-30 years. But trust us, once you fall for one of these amazing animals, that won't be nearly enough time!

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