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Dreams really do come true!

Saturday – Yet another miraculously gorgeous day dawned in Coldwater, ON and I woke early to just wander the farm and take in all the sites and sounds. We were out enjoying the horses at the pasture when Victoria Lenneville Adams of New Dawn Horizons arrived. Victoria is my sister mom (she bought Barb Malcolm’s other yearling this year) and unsurprisingly she was a wonderful lady and we talked for quite some time. Sadly, she had to leave, but I couldn’t be too sad because we were off on another adventure.

A short drive brought us to the home of Samantha Rentner and Snowy River Canadians. Sam and I have been chatting online for some time now so it was nice to finally put a face to the name. She took us on a tour of her fantastic farm, introducing us to the horses before taking us on a stroll around the property and up through the trails. We walked up to what turned out to be an old indigenous portage route before heading back in.

Snowy River Canadians

Left to Right: Andrea White, Monique Boucher, Karli White and Samantha Rentner

I normally hold my “horse crazy” in check, because let’s be honest, when you start talking horse to a non horse person, their eyes gloss over pretty quick. But here, I’m surrounded by horse people, and I don’t even have to talk. The amount of knowledge just floating around waiting for me to pick it up is staggering! So much to learn, but that’s something I’ve loved about most of the Canadian Horse people I’ve met; they’re always willing to share knowledge and experience.

We left Sam’s in the early afternoon with every intention of returning for bonfire. Unfortunately, even in this idyllic setting, we are not shielded from tragedy. A phone call from Monique’s husband cast a shadow on our happiness as he reported her beloved Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Dog, Zora, had to be put down. So, we spent a quiet evening in the trailer just talking and allowing the sadness to run its course.

Sunday – We made a trip into downtown Orillia and checked out Mariposa Market. This store not only carries really good food and homemade jams and sauces, but every type of cookie, cake, candy, sugar-rush you could imagine. Ahh junk food, good for what ails you!

We enjoyed some shopping; I spent more money in the nearby bookstore than I have on the rest of the trip combined and then we relaxed at the sidewalk tables and enjoyed lunch on another beautiful fall day.

We drove back to Coldwater to hit a local ice cream shop, but sadly (at least for Monique) it was closed. Luckily for me, there was a little food truck next door selling fresh cut fries, which I love! Why is it that the best fresh cut fries always come from some little rinky-dink food truck?! They were every bit as delicious as I’d hoped, and we drove back to Andrea’s while I munched away.

Sunday evening was quiet as I worked on these posts and tried to remember all the incredible things we’ve been squeezing in every day. Really, I was just resting up for what was coming. Monday was to be a magical day for me!

Monday – To my utter delight, we had more glorious fall weather, but I wouldn’t have cared if it was a tornado, I was going to meet Barb Malcolm and Wendy Bowden after all these years of talking with them and even more exciting, I was finally going to meet my girl!

Despite my impatience to be gone, farm chores wait for no one. It wasn’t too difficult to wait though, because I

got to watch the chiropractor working on the horses. Sean & Wendi Kohler of Kholer Chiropractic were delightful and obviously knowledgeable; you could almost hear the sighs of relief as Sean loosened up restricted joints. Of course, we didn’t allow them to leave without lengthy horse discussions.

Then it was time! We drove out to pick up Samantha while Andrea and Karli finished up their farm chores and then headed to Churchill Chimes Equestrian Center, home of Barb Malcolm and her husband Rob, as well as Donalf Canadians. After a quick wash to protect the babies and pregnant mares, Wendy offered to give us the dime tour. I walked along, trying to be patient, it wasn’t working. Lol Barb finally took pity on me and pointed me in the right direction.

I will admit it, I cried. In fact, here’s a photo of Wendy getting a kick out of me being so choked up! lol I had to include it because in all the excitement, it's the only picture of Wendy I

got! I am so smitten with this little girl!! My last filly was lost to me (Jolie’s aunt) and I feel like the stars aligned to give me the opportunity to get it right this time. I’ve learned a huge amount since I lost Djinn and have thankfully surrounded myself with some wonderful, knowledgeable people who can help me ensure this little girl will grow old with me and absolutely reach her full potential.

As crazy happy as I was to meet my girl, Barb wasn’t finished with the surprises! 5 of us tacked up and went for a ride! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a crap rider after being away so many years and then my accident, but Barb put me on the bomb proof Rolo (in an English saddle no less!) and he took excellent care of me. Of course, we had to stop for a few photo opportunities.

Here we have Left to Right, Barb Malcolm, Samantha Rentner, Karli White, me and Julia Tanner, long time Churchill Chimes alumni.

Then it was back to chateau Malcolm for some fabulous BBQ and far more horse talk!

Left to Right: Barb Malcolm, a frozen Monique Boucher and Samantha Rentner

As the sun was starting to drop low in the sky, it was time to go back and love my cutie pie again before we had to leave.

She’s incredibly cute and Barb says she’s very smart. I could see it just from the little bit of time I got to spend with her. It was like she considered every action before she made it, you could see the little wheels turning as she contemplated her next move. However, right about then I’d managed to discover her “spots” and she was too busy twisting into contortions and making faces as I scratched all those itches to think about anything.

I was thrilled beyond words when I turned my back and walked a few steps away and then felt the little muzzle nudge me looking for more! May is so very far away (when I finally bring her to Alberta) but I know she’s in the best possible place she could be right now.

Barb put on an amazing spread for us, and we enjoyed delicious food and fantastic company, all while being able to watch my girl. Though I hated for it to end, it was well past dark, and it was getting quite chilly. Well, I was chilly. Monique was in her winter coat next to the outdoor heater, and I swear every lull in the conversation I could hear her teeth chattering. So, to my deep regret, it was time to say goodbye to friends new and old, and head “home” for the night.

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Sue Drover
Sue Drover
06 okt. 2022

Sounds like you're having the time of your life!

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