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Strolling the Motherland

Sunday (October 9) We awoke Sunday morning to cloudy skies with occasional showers. It simply wasn’t enough to wash away the miraculous colors or any of my enthusiasm for the day! It was perfect weather to sit inside and catch up on the blog and while I worked on that, Normand took Monique shopping for some local maple syrup products. It also meant that Normand was able to play tour guide instead of haying as he was meant to do.

I’d finished by the time they returned, and it was time to go off and meet some more breeders. We arrived first at the home of Louise Morin, who breeds under the herd name CDN Noble.

She had some lovely horses, a few babies to play with and we got to meet her stud Diezel (CDN Noble Charbon Diezel). While the language was totally a barrier this time, I did get to see some lovely horses, meet another fantastic breed of dog (Cane Corso, who of course immediately became my best friend) and see more simply stunning scenery!

Next stop? Ferme Ducat, home of Roger Catudal. Again, totally clueless about what they were saying, but interesting none the less. Roger has 8 generations of Canadians on his farm and it was interesting to see the progression as he showed us not only a stud, but both his sire and son. A traditionalist, Roger breeds the more classic, stockier type of Canadian with lots of “chrome”. His horses have a great deal more white on them than I’m accustomed to, though I do have to admit, it was very flashy! I apologize for the lack of photos from Ferme Ducat. It was quite late when we arrived and the sun went down before we could get photos of more than the first of five studs were were shown.

I also learned what happens when you get two Frenchmen talking horses. Absolutely nothing…for hours! LOL it was still a good time and I’m learning things that I really don’t think will even sink in by the time we leave. I’ll be months sorting and filing information in my brain that I didn’t realize I’d picked up! Trust me, that is NOT a complaint!

I have tried to use my limited French as much as possible, when in Rome right? In retrospect, my hosts have been very kind and quite indulgent of my efforts. My attempts at French must sound much like a caveman attempting English. Uhh..Fire…good! LOL Fortunately, I’ve found the ability to laugh at my self a value life skill!

This is the spectacular view we enjoy from our trailer. Can you imagine waking up to such incredible splendor every day?

By this time, it was approaching 9 and we stopped at a local restaurant for a late dinner before heading back to Litjens. If any of you are a little frustrated by the lack of horse pictures, please understand, it’s burdock season here. While some of the “do’s” were undeniable funny, I don’t think its exactly the image the breeders want to portrait! Regardless, they have been exceptionally open and welcoming to us, but who doesn’t love a chance to show off their Canadians??

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